Product Launch

Why Radsenz?

  • Reliable detection of objects in the most harsh environments.
  • High resistance to shock and vibrations.
  • Easy to set up and configure with an internal web interface.
  • Detects objects in specific zones.
  • Digital output to external (PLC) systems.

Operating temperature
-20oC – 50oC

Water resistance down to
1 m (IP67).

Resistance to vibration
and shock.

Web interface over WiFi
for configuration.

High specified nickel
plated connector.

Example of applications:

» Detect filling degree in packaging industry.
» Detect vehicles or people through obstacles (walls).
» Tank level detection.
» Collision warning in warehouses.

Technical Overview

Detection angle:
» Horizontal: +/- 30°
» Vertical: +/- 30°
(Detection lobe can be changed with different randomes)

Working range:
» 0.2-15 m

Detection zones
» Arbitrary setting of detection zone within range
» Relative setting of detection zone with respect to detected objects.

Aluminum Enclosure
» IP67
» IP69

Operating temperature
» -20C° – 50C°

» 85x67x27mm

» 350 Grams